Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District

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May 20, 2010

Mary Byrd, Public Information Officer, 805-961-8833

$1,000 for your Old Car, Pickup, Van or SUV

Program Now Pays $1,000 per Gasoline or Diesel Vehicle, 1992 and Older  

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 SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — For consumers looking for extra cash, Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District has a solution: sell that old car. The District announced today that its successful Old Car Buy Back Program now will pay $1,000 per vehicle (instead of the $800 paid previously). The Program is now also available for diesel vehicles as well as gasoline vehicles.  

Older vehicles pollute much more than newer ones. The vehicles that qualify for this program represent 15 percent of vehicles in the county, but contribute more than 66 percent of the air pollution from county vehicles. District Director Terry Dressler said, “We estimate the program has cut almost 50 tons of smog-forming air pollutants since 2006 by taking almost 1,400 of these higher-polluting vehicles off the road."  

Cars and trucks are a major source of smog pollution in Santa Barbara County. The vehicles bought by the program are taken off the road permanently; a licensed auto dismantler crushes vehicles that are voluntarily retired. The program is funded by vehicle registration fees designated for use by local air districts to reduce air pollution. The District is able to raise the amount offered per vehicle to $1,000 due to recent changes in state guidelines.

The District will pay $1,000 for 1992 and older gasoline or diesel cars, light-duty trucks, vans, or sport utility vehicles (SUVs), if certain conditions are met. Vehicles must be registered in Santa Barbara County address for the past two consecutive years, must be in working condition, must be smog certified, and must meet additional requirements as listed on the District website.  

See this page for more information, or call 1-800-717-7624.

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